Calligraphy is my passion. I love how letters can become works of art and something truly beautiful. I have always loved calligraphy and it features heavily in lots of my designs.

I offer bespoke one-off commissioned pieces and event stationery. Please get in touch to get a quote.

Dip Pen Calligraphy

This calligraphy is created using inks and a pointed nib. It is a more traditional style of calligraphy. This creates elegant strokes and has a romantic feel. This calligraphy looks gorgeous on place cards, envelopes or on a full table plan.

Brush Calligraphy

Brush calligraphy is a really fun style of calligraphy. It is created using a paint brush or a fibre tip pen. It is a freer more artistic style of lettering and it can be really playful. This is great for larger pieces such as chalkboards and prints. It is also perfect if you want a more relaxed style for place cards.